Hair trials, or how to stop using commercial shampoo

zondag, 14 juni 2015 14:42
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Up front: for me this is not an easy process. This sticky process started around the 10th of April, so today this has been going on for roundabout ten weeks.

My reasons for going on a shampoo diet where/are:

  • For one: it's an interesting experiment;
  • My hair is getting oilier and oilier faster and faster, in the end it got oily the morning after the day I washed it, so I could only wear it bouncy free for one day;
  • I have lots of fine hair and it seems to me that it breaks faster then it used too. I know I know, that could also be age related (don't want to know, head in the sand). Maybe, just maybe hopefully this experiment will prove to me, after a year or two, that commercial shampoos nibble on the structure of my hair;
  • There are lots of pro and con debates about parabens, SLSses and other chemicals on the Internet. I have no idea who is right about it, but my brain thinks where there is smoke there might be fire, so why take the risk if there are other, more adventurous sollutions out there. In the same line of thinking I might try to make my own toothpaste soon.

So... what to do. There are full no shampoo experiments to be found on the net, where people only use de-everythingd water... But a big but with this is that you will look like the lovechild of a porcupine and a bottle of olive oil for six to eight weeks. No thank you. I allready have a belly full of oily hairdays. So going full shampoo monty is not for me. 

Using only baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar sounded exotic and do-able. People lable this method as being "No-poo", in normal English: shampoo free, but I disagree, doing it this way you are "shampoo-ing" your hair with baking soda. To me no-poo would be using nothing. But this line of conversation comes down to what the definition of "shampoo" is and that's not what this article is about.

Do I really want to go on with this?
Sorry for going on and on, are you still with me? amazing!
So after a few weeks of excepting my hair needs to go through a sort of chemical detoxing period (not sure if this is really true) I started to get annoyed that my hair still felt like a sticky unit (visualise the hair of a lego man). Time for some experimentation. I read in someones blog that she only rinced her hair with baking soda, or BS for short, and that worked better for her rearding stickyness. Up till then I made a think paste, like peanutbutter, which I smeared in my hair. OK I thought, lets rince! Big big mistake, not willing to give up after only one try of the rince, I looked like a side of french fries for two weeks. I almost gave it all up and took up the bad old shampoo again, I so missed the fluffyness of my hair in the good old days. 

Right, what now? Went back to the pasting and this time I went for the not only pasting, but also for the massaging it in EXTREMELY well. So a couple of minutes of rubbing and massaging it in. This helped, I went back to do-able hair, but it was still a bit of a unit that didn't move in the wind. I still longed for sexy ladylike flowing hair. Did some more searching other victims blogs and found that some people are straying from the holy grail Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV for short). What?! Are we alowed? Yes we are! In the quest for managable free of everything hair any means are possible. So... some people recommend clear natural white vinegar, other people say red wine vinegar. Whatever is recommended everyone in the non ACV camp agree that ACV leaves your hair sticky. No idea why, maybe because of the sugar content of the fruity ACV vinegar?
Anyway, an already way too long story shortned: I switched to clear white vinegar and I must say it helps! (a bit), it's less sticky.

But am I happy, will I go on?
Yes I will! Even though my hair has not (yet) completly regained it's cuveted fluffyness, it stays fat-free for a minimum of three days and when it becomes oily it hasn't got the same oilyness it used to have. Now when it goes oily, I don't look like your creepy - still living with his mum - only goes out in the dark - miniature train collecting - newspaperclippings on the wall - neighbour...
I am very hopefull that things might still improve. Going from one day good hair to three days is great. Will see what the hairfuture brings me... More in a couple of months.

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